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DM 357 Velociraptor Egg with Embryo

The Jurassic Park movies made the two legged velociraptor famous. This dinosaur lived about 80 million years ago. The meat eating raptor was six feet long and three feet high. It weighed between 15 and 33 pounds. Hollow bones and large brains made velociraptors fast and very smart. They could run up to 40 miles an hour.

The velociraptors were excellent hunters. They had three inch hand claws to attack and hold victims. The feet of the raptors were very dangerous. Velociraptor walked on two of its three toes. The second digit, the killing claw, was retracted off the ground. This toe claw was large and shaped like a sickle. The three inch claw was used to slash its prey.

Velociraptors laid between eight and twelve eggs at a time. Few examples exist. No fossil raptor embryo and eggs exits. This non-toxic resin replica is a recreation of a raptor embryo and egg. Description of Replica Egg: 6 inches long 8 ¼ inches in circumference

  • replica velociraptor egg and embryo and top
  • Jurassic Park dinosaur
  • baby dinosaur
  • killer claw dinosaur
  • made of non toxic resin